Sanitize with undescores

** Versione Italiana **

Quando decisi di aprire il blog feci un piccolo plugin per WordPress (non trovandolo già disponibile) chiamato “Sanitize with underscores”: come è facilmente intuibile dal titolo, il suo scopo è quello di utilizzare come separatore nel permalink il “_” al posto del trattino “-” di default.



Eccovi il link per scaricarlo.

** English Version **

When i decided to launch my blog, i made a little WordPress’s plug-in (i didn’t find it) called “Sanitize with underscores”: as you can imagine it allows to use undescores “_” in the permalink rather then default hyphen “-“.



This is the link to download it.

UPDATE: Finalmente “Underscores are now word separators, proclaims Google“.

7 thoughts on “Sanitize with undescores”

  1. actualy – google and many other search engines hates it – or better say – words connected with underscore are considered as one word, so it is agains SEO. But I like it for better readability. I like also your finishing with .html

  2. Hi,

    does this work with the latest wordpress-version?
    if yes, how can i activate the underscores?

    thanks in advance

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